Friday 10th April 2015 – Yay, they’re all in!!

After an entire week of working very hard, I’ve finally got all my Carrots seeds and Onion sets in! Wow!! Now it’s onto the next job which is planting the Potatoes. That also could take a while as I’ve got lots of those to put in as well. But I’ll let you know about those as and when I do them. The last 2 varieties of Carrots were “Flyaway F1” and “Nantes 5”. The soil is still very easy to weed which is great, and we’ve still had no rain, although there were about a dozen spots of rain when I was up the allotment this morning, but I don’t think that counts. So after I’ve sown or planted, I then have to give it all a good water. The Easter holidays have now ended, so next week I can be down the allotment for much longer as I’ll take my lunch down with me. The kids won’t have to fend for themselves for a couple of hours each morning. So this afternoon, my sister Michelle, her son Sam, Granny and Granddad, Emily, George and myself all went off to Morden Hall Park. Us grown ups had a gentle stroll round the park, whilst the kids went and played in the water. Well they would wouldn’t they. I made my 2 wear their wellingtons, but George still managed to get soaking wet. I don’t know why I’m so surprised.

George always goes straight for the water..Well he's George!!

George always goes straight for the water..Well he’s George!!

Once we’d had enough of a look round and George had got more water in his wellingtons than there was in the actual river, mum treated us to either an ice cream or a hot drink. Obviously the kids went for ice cream, but the rest of us had either tea or hot chocolate. You should have seen the hot chocolate it was huge!! It had marshmallow in the drink, then whipped cream on top and then a chocolate flake. It looked amazing, although not for me.

Ice cream and hot drink, all very scrumptious!!

Ice cream and hot drink, all very scrumptious!!

Then it was a wander round the garden centre. Michelle found some lovely pansies for 90p each, and they have a wonderful array of so many plants. I could have spent a huge amount of money in there, but I was good. I’ve still got some vouchers left from Christmas for Squires Garden Centre. So on a rainy day I’ll spend them. The kids found the seeds and Emily said she was getting a Lottie and Dottie vibe. It’s so lovely when they are so proud of mummy’s book.

They stared at the packets of seeds in front of them. Then they sat down on the floor.

They stared at the packets of seeds in front of them. Then they sat down on the floor.

Well that’s that for today, I wonder what mischief I can get up to this weekend?

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