Monday 6th April 2015 – Onions and some of the carrots!

It’s Bank Holliday Monday and Mark is off, so he took Emily and George to Crazy Golf up the road and I went to the allotment for a couple of hours. It’s not until you’re up on your plot digging away, that you realise how much you miss it. I continued where I’d left off (which is always a good place to start), with the bed that I’d sown some Parsnip seeds in. But I continued with alternating a row of Carrots with a row of Onions and so on. These are great to grow together as the smell from each plant deters the bugs from the other. I’ve not sown all my Carrots (I’ve still got loads of different varieties to go. It’s amazing how many varieties there actually are). But today I sowed the following, all from Pennard Plants: “Cosmic Purple”, “Little Finger”, “Lunar White” and “Longue Rouge de Saint-Valery”. We like Carrots in our family and especially when they’re roasted in the oven. The more strange the colour, the better as far as we are concerned.

One row of Carrots, and another row of Onions.  Helps to deter each others bugs.

One row of Carrots, and another row of Onions. Helps to deter each others bugs.

I’ve now done two beds like this, but there are still more Carrots and Onions to go. It’ll also work with Spring Onions and Garlic. I also dug up a few more grass clumps to bring home for the Chickens, which they thoroughly enjoyed when I gave it to them. One chicken was sitting on their coop roof and was then in such a hurry to get down when she saw what treat I’d bought. Now after a couple of hours, it’s all gone.

Chickens enjoying their grass!!

Chickens enjoying their grass!!

Hopefully I can get down to the allotment again tomorrow. The kids will be ok on their own for a while, and then I can carry on with my Onions and Carrots combo. I think I’ll go and see what I can get up to in the garden before I have to start dinner.

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2 Responses to Monday 6th April 2015 – Onions and some of the carrots!

  1. Benjamin says:

    We grew some purple “Dragon” carrots (Daucus carota) last year that were delicious! And the kids (well, and me, too) loved the colour. Cheers, Ben

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