Orlando day 11 – 31st December – Crazy Golf and home.

After a relaxed breakfast, knowing that we didn’t have a bus to catch, Mark and I went to pack, while the kids went in the hotel pool. You had to be 12 and over to swim in the pool without a parent, which is great because George is 12 and Emily is 15. Emily didn’t go in the pool, but sat on a sun lounger and did stuff on the ipad. George however was playing in the pool for over an hour, and was all wrinkly like and old man when he came out. They can both swim very well, having learnt in my parents pool. George is far more confident, and can dive. So Mark and I packed all our bits up. We had 2 cases full of dirty laundry, 1 case of gifts and another case of a few clean clothes and various other bits. It was all very organised as I then knew where everything was. Our maid for the time that we were staying at the hotel had been brilliant, and had always arranged the kids toys in different ways on their beds. She also made the loo roll into either a rose or a bow. We tipped her every day and gave her a little extra on Christmas day and on our last day and wrote her a thank you letter. We had to be out of our room by 11am, but the taxi wasn’t going to be picking us up until 1.30pm. So we had to find something to do. Just down the road was Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf, so we went there to play.

Let's go play some craaazy golf!!

Let’s go play some craaazy golf!!

There were 18 holes on the course, and I’ve played crazy golf a couple of times before, and the kids and Mark have played more, but usually the boys come 1st and 2nd and then us girls come 3rd and 4th. We all had a great time golfing away. Some holes were a little harder than others. George was the only one to get a hole in one, and I missed getting one by a sliver.

Par, Bogie, Birdie!!

Par, Bogie, Birdie!!

When we’d finished I added up the scores and they were as follows: 4th Emily with 77, 3rd Mark with 66, 2nd George with 58 and 1st ME with 54. I’ve never won before, and I was very excited. If you got Par on all the holes you should have done it in 43. George checked my adding up just incase I got it wrong, but I hadn’t. We then wandered into Old Town to have some lunch and a last look around before the taxi came and we went to the airport to come home. The flight back was brilliant, although it’s rather difficult to sleep in a plane. We took off just after 6pm Orlando time, and at 7pm it was announced that it was midnight in the UK, so we all did the countdown and everyone wished each other a HAPPY NEW YEAR and we all cheered. We landed at Gatwick just after 6.30am and by the time we’d collected out suitcase, found the car, and driven home it was 8am. After we’d opened our Christmas presents, we didn’t do much for the rest of the day, basically watched TV and had a few things to eat. We all then went to bed at 7.30pm. What a Christmas and New Year, very exhausting, but a huge amount of fun.

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