Claire and her hats!

You may remember me mentioning that when the rest of the family were on scary rides I went shopping. Well, I decided to try on as many interesting hats as possible and thought I would share them all with you.

Firstly from The Muppet Show, here is my favourite drummer Animal.

Drums!!! Drums!!!

Drums!!! Drums!!!

And when Mark and the kids were having fun on the Star Tours ride, I found a friendly Wampa hat.

A Wampa! Mind he doesn't eat you.

A Wampa! Mind he doesn’t eat you.

And a bad ass Sith Lord, Darth Maul.

Ray Park eat your heart out.

Ray Park eat your heart out.

And everyones favourite walking carpet Chewbacca.

"Punch it Chewy!"

“Punch it Chewy!”

And finally with Star Wars, the cutest little teddy bears ever, the Ewoks.

Goopa! Which is Hello is Ewokese.....I really need help.

Goopa! Which is Hello is Ewokese…..I really need help.

Here are a couple more Muppets, firstly Beaker, who puts up with a lot from Dr Bunsen Honeydew.

Me me me, me me me!

Me me me, me me me me!

And where would we be without Sweetums, who looks scary, but really isn’t.

Bean Bunny run away!!

Bean Bunny run away!!

And finally when Mark and the kids were on the Expedition Everest ride, I found this Abominable Snowman hat. Although I’m sure he looks a lot scarier in real life.

Don't eat the yellow snow!!

Don’t eat the yellow snow!!

I didn’t buy any of these hats, although I was tempted. I did however by myself a new allotment cap, which you’ll see me wearing when I get back down the allotment and the sun is shining.

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4 Responses to Claire and her hats!

  1. They said on the news that there was a outbreak of mesas at Disney land so all of you be careful

    That what was may never be again

    and that what is may be a again.

  2. Jim says:

    The measles were at DisneyLAND in Southern California. Claire and company is at DisneyWORLD in Florida.

    BTW Clair, if you plan to do another world nude gardening episode, I can give you directions to any number of nudist resorts near Orlando, and a lovely nude beach with dolphins near the shore, and shells to collect. Need to get a bit of color!

    • We’ve all had our jabs against Measles, so we’re very unlikely to get it. But that’s for the heads up. Going nudie in your greenhouse is one thing, but doing it on a beach where everyone can see in not something I’d like to do.

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