Orlando day 9 – 29th December – Epcot and Magic Kingdom

Every time I write the titles for these, in my head it sounds like the voice from the Big Brother house….”Orlando, day 9….”. But obviously this is much more interesting than anything that goes on in the Big Brother House. Today we spent the morning at Epcot to do a few things and then the afternoon we were going to the Magic Kingdom to do the same. So it should be a more relaxed sort of day. We had Fast Passes booked for Space Ship Earth. Make sure you have fast passes because the queues are really, really long. This was a sweet little ride where it took you through the history of communication on this planet from the stone age to present day. I sat next to Emily and there were 2 of you to a little pod. There were no seat belts or pull down straps so I was quite happy with this. Still it was very dark in places, and you do go up quite a way, which made me a little nervous, so I held onto Emily’s hand for a bit of reassurance. Then at the very end of the ride your pod moves round 180 degrees and you go down backwards which worried me a little to start with, but it was very slow so that was ok. George decided that he needed to wash his face in the park, so he used some water from the parks car wash.

Don't ask! But apparently it was very refreshing!

Don’t ask! But apparently it was very refreshing!

We then took the monorail to The Magic Kingdom. We were told that it was near capacity so to be aware of that. It was heaving, but again you could find little quiet pockets. We took the Liberty Square Riverboat around the park which was very pleasant. And then we had the largest, small ice cream I have every seen. I had no added sugar Butter Pecan, which was amazing. I dread to think what a large one is like! I think Mark had Raspberry Sorbet and I can’t remember what the kids had, but I’m sure it had chocolate in it. We all ate them, but then felt very full for quite a while.

It's only a small, honestly.

It’s only a small, honestly.

Emily had her photo taken with Merida from Brave, so she was very happy.

I don't think she was a natural red head. We can tell you know.

I don’t think she was a natural red head. We can tell you know.

We also took the Walt Disney World Railroad round the park which was great fun and saw all sorts of interesting views. To be honest it was great to have a sit down. The Magic Kingdom may be the happiest place on earth, but it’s also very knackering. Later we met up with Sally and Sarah and went back to their lovely home to have dinner. They’d made Spaghetti Bolognese which was wonderful. It was so nice to have a dinner that didn’t contain chips!!

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