Tuesday 7th October 2014 – Garlic and Beetroot.

It’s been several days since I’ve been able to get to the allotment, mainly because I’ve either been working, or the weather has been rather wet. Today neither was happening, so off I went to see what I could do. I spent 2 hours on my plot this morning, and didn’t see a single soul on the site, and it’s a large site. I managed to sort through and weed the Kohl Rabi bed. This year I was unable to harvest any of these because they were growing wonderfully until I went on holiday, and I was going to harvest them all when I returned. But whilst I was away it rained a huge amount, and they all bolted and went to seed. The same happened with my Cauliflowers, so I didn’t get any of them either. Once the Kohl Rabi bolt, I tend to find that they go very woody inside, and then they just can’t be eaten. There was no sign of them even thinking about bolting before I went, and no heads had even formed on my Cauliflowers. Never mind. Hopefully next year I’ll have better luck with them. But some good news though, I harvested the last of my Beetroot, and the rest of my Garlic, so it wasn’t all bad news this morning. We had loads of rain yesterday and last night, so the soil is rather wet, but still suitable to dig over. Where I am on the site, it drains really well, and we don’t get water logged. As the sun is still shining, I may get out in the garden again this afternoon, as I’ve started to prune everything and get the garden ready for the winter. I did quite a bit on Sunday, but there’s still a huge amount to do. I’ll keep you posted.

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