Tuesday 16th September 2014 – Butternut Squashes and Pumpkins

Auntie Shirley came to the allotment with me again this morning. It was great to have someone to have a chat with as we worked. So we started by harvest all the Pumpkins that have been growing very happily in a bed with loads of manure in them. We ended up with 24 of various sizes and they fit in the boot of the car perfectly. We would have put in 25, but 1 Pumpkin had gone soft so that went in the green waste area. Still I’m really please with then all, as they’ve grown very well this year.

My 24 beauties!! I hope the table doesn't collapse under the weight of them all.

My 24 beauties!! I hope the table doesn’t collapse under the weight of them all.

When we got home, and after we’d had lunch I went to get the bathroom scales to see how heavy some of them were. I wasn’t going to weigh them all, but just the ones that I felt would be a decent weight. We weighed 9 in total, but had a guess how heavy we thought they would be. To be honest we weren’t far out in our guesses. They weighed between 9lb – 16lb. So no personal best from me as I’ve still not surpassed my 48lb giant, but not a bad weight.

The heavy weights which vary from 9lb - 16lb.

The heavy weights which vary from 9lb – 16lb.

I put sticky labels of them, then I’d remember how much they weighed, just incase you’re wondering what the white bits are on them. Yes, I know that some are a rather odd shape, but then I’ve grown them, so what do you expect! Some will be used for Scouts, others to carve for Halloween, and the rest to make soup, pies, muffins, or just to be cut up and put in the freezer to put in stews over the winter. They’ll stay on the garden table (unless it collapses) for another 4-6 weeks until frosts come, then they’ll go in the greenhouse or shed.

My heaviest one this year. At 16lbs I'm rather pleased.

My heaviest one this year. At 16lbs I’m rather pleased.

Shirley and I also finished weeding the cabbage bed, and bought some more home, we also found some rogue Potatoes, and harvested all the Butternut Squash. Again they’ve done the best I’ve every had, so I’m really pleased with them too. Some are good sized ones, and some are little baby ones. The leaves and stems had gone brown, so they wouldn’t have grown any more. So they’re also on the table in the garden. Like the Pumpkins they’ll go in a frost free place soon, and will be fine until we’re ready to eat them. So thank you Auntie Shirley for coming to help me the last few mornings, I bet you’ll be glad to leave us as you’ll need a rest.

My Butternut Squash. Some a regular shape, and others...well I grew them so what do you expect.

My Butternut Squash. Some are regular shape, and others…well I grew them so what do you expect.

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7 Responses to Tuesday 16th September 2014 – Butternut Squashes and Pumpkins

  1. Wow! An impressive pumpkin harvest there, Claire. Well done!

  2. Did you grow the butternut squash outside?

    • Yes I did grow them outside. I started the seeds off in 3 inch pots in the greenhouse, and then transplanted them small plants to 6 inch pots when they out grew the small pots. Then at the beginning of June I put them outside in some well manured soil in the allotment. Make sure you water them well, and feed them at least once a week. They grew very happily between my sweetcorn and rhubarb. Harvest when the leaves and stem have gone brown. This could be any time from September to October, but make sure they’re in before any frost comes. Store in a frost free place until you want to use them. They should keep for up to 6 months if unblemished.

  3. keith says:

    Another brilliant blog. Very interesting & informative. I haven’t picked my squashes yet. Do you think I should? How do I tell it’s time?

    • Pick your Butternut Squash when the leaves and stem has gone brown. When they do this the squash won’t grow anymore. With summer squash like patty pan etc, they you harvest when they are a certain size. Each one is different to check with the packet. Store all squash in a frost free place, and they’ll keep for several months. I’ve still got one that I harvested last autumn.

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