Monday 15th September 2014 – Auntie Shirley came to stay.

This is Mark’s Auntie, all the way from Australia. She’s been over for quite a while, and she is going home soon, but for the next couple of days she’s staying with us. So today I went to the allotment, and she very kindly came with me. We started to dig up one of the cabbage bed, but after just over 2 hours of digging, we’d had enough. In amongst the Cabbages were growing a few rogue Potatoes from last year, so we harvested those as well. On the way back to the car I had a little bit of space left in my basket, so decided to pop in a couple of Butternut Squash. They’ve done really well this year, in fact the best I’ve ever had, so I’ll harvest the rest tomorrow, along with anything else we can find. I’ll store the Butternut in the shed until I need them. As long as they’re in a frost free place they should keep for several months. But we do like roasted butternut, so I don’t think they’ll last that long. It was lovely to have someone to work with on my plot. I do like listening to music, but having a chat with someone whilst you’re working is much better.

My first 2 Butternut Squash. Proper looking ones!

My first 2 Butternut Squash. Proper looking ones!

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