Friday 12th September 2014 – A quarter is sorted.

It’s that time of year again when, as you’re harvesting all your goodies you turn over each bed. Firstly to remove any weeds, and secondly to get some air into the soil so it’s ready for winter. Getting air into the soil  a must as it benefits not only the soil itself, but the insects as well. And it makes it much easier to dig the soil again in the spring and the frost doesn’t make the ground go as hard as a rock. Now that all the Potatoes are up (I’m sure I’ll find the odd few lurking about somewhere) that’s what I’m doing. I’ve managed to get a quarter of my area sorted. There are Carrots still in one bed, and Sprouting Broccoli in another, but I weeded those as best I could. The Leeks are growing well, and the Horse Radish has gone mad this year. I’ll have to dig some up later on and show you what to do with it. I also harvested all my Sweetcorn. It looks good, so we’ll have some for dinner in the next few days. I wonder if I can freeze the rest? I suppose I can. I’ll give it a go anyway. Also my French Beans have finished. There was the odd flower about to open, but to be honest I’ve got so many in the freezer, letting the odd one go isn’t a problem. They’ve done amazingly well this year, they did look a bit scraggly, but they produced loads of beans so I’m pleased with them. So that was 3 wheel barrow loads of green waste to put in the green waste area, so that was a good mornings work.

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