Thursday 11th September 2014 – Meet my Potato Man!!

Well it was bound to happen, after all it’s my allotment, and I’m growing vegetables and fruit. Today I think I’ve finally dug up all my potatoes. I expect I’ll find some more somewhere, but at least I think that’s the bulk of them up. I got another 2 bags full, so adding that to what I’ve already dug up, I must have about 3 sacks full!! Gosh that’s a huge amount of spuds. But as I was digging them up, I came across a rather bizarrely shaped one. I think it looks like a snowman, but in potato form, so I’m calling it my “Potato Man!!” I’m rather chuffed with him. So I thought I’d let you see him in all his glory.

My Potato Man!!

My Potato Man!!

I’m not sure if I’ll boil his head first, or it might be kinder to boil him whole.

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