Tuesday 22nd July 2014 – Everything is awesome!

Today I continued with my garden tidy. I did the front garden which didn’t take long as it was fairly sorted anyway, then I moved on to have a good tidy of the wooden shed. It’s been a little while since I’ve had a good sort out of this, and I was very wary of any spiders as I was wearing my flip flops (I didn’t come across any thank goodness). I got rid of various bits that I just don’t need any more, and have started to make a pile in the garden of bits that need to go down the tip. This I’ll keep adding to and then take it down to the tip on Thursday, as tomorrow is a bit of a stressful day in one way and another. I won’t bore you with the details, but as soon as that day is over I will be very pleased. After I’d completed the wooden shed, I had a good sort out of the greenhouse and harvest some wonderful Cucamelons. There are loads more growing and the Tomatoes are growing really well too. No sign of any Melons growing yet, but loads of flowers, so I’ll have to find a paint brush and start to tickle the flowers to move the pollen about. Then it was time to tackle the bike shed. Tackle is a slight underestimation of the word! I was not looking forward to this as I knew it would be rather tricky. Still I’ve started it, but not quite finished it. There are a load of plastic pots that I just don’t use, so I’ll take them to our local garden centre where they recycle them. My old strimmer will be going to the great lawn in the sky, and various other items that I no longer want. I didn’t quite finish the bike shed, so will have to continue that tomorrow when I finally get home. Later in the evening we watched the Lego Movie. Now when this was on at the cinema we went to watch it with the kids and somehow I managed to fall asleep (don’t ask). Unfortunately I did the same this evening, not sure if I fell asleep in the same place. One day I’ll get through the entire movie without nodding off. What I’ve seen it’s a very good film, but I’d worked very hard in the garden so I was tired!! Everything is AWESOME!!

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