Monday 21st July 2014 – Tidying the back garden…again.

It’s an on going job, but I don’t mind really, you get the garden tidied a few weeks back and then it gets all messy again. Plants are like children they keep growing!! The kids have now broken up for the summer, so I won’t be going down the allotment as often as normal, but still a fair bit. They’re old enough for me to leave them at home for a couple of hours while I pop to do some weeding and watering, which is fabulous. I’m only just up the road and it would take me 10 minutes to get home if I walked, so I’m not far away. But today I spent the day in the back garden tidying the plants and dead heading (the plants not the children). It now looks lovely and tidy. It’s all growing well, and a pleasure to sit in and enjoy the sun. All that hard work is done and it’s just a case of titivating now. I was in and out of the garden for most of the day, fitting in the gardening around making bread, waffles, lunch and various other things. It’s all done now, so tomorrow I’ll start on the front garden, which shouldn’t take long as it’s rather small, but you never know what you’ll find. I came across a frog once, which was a bit of a shock especially as I was wearing flip flops at the time!!

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6 Responses to Monday 21st July 2014 – Tidying the back garden…again.

  1. Reblogged this on Linda's wildlife garden and commented:
    Lovely post thank you for sharing have a blessed day

  2. keith says:

    Great bolg, as always. It’s always good to tidy the garden, but I think you’ll find Flip Flop is the sound a fleeing frog makes 🙂

  3. Was burning hot when I got home this evening so well done for getting out there and getting those jobs done!

    Would be nice to see some shots of your garden.

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