Monday 30th June 2014 – Allotment talk.

I was asked to do an allotment talk at a local women’s group this evening. It was so much fun. I spoke in front of about 20 people, and was supposed to talk for about 45 minutes, but you know me, I get carried away, and I think I talked for about an hour and a half!! I told them various stories about my allotment and garden, and they all seemed to enjoy what I said. I took lots of visual aids with me, some Rhubarb, Kohl Rabi, and Okra plant, some Strawberry and Gooseberry jam, and lots of other items. I also took along several copies of Lottie and Dottie sow Carrots, and most of those went. I signed each copy, one was for someones birthday and one was even going off to Australia!! I would like to thank them very much for having me, and who knows maybe they’ll have me back again.

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