Sunday 29th June 2014 – Show me a sign….

Back on track with my walking training for my Shine Night walk in September. Today I decided to walk from home to Hatchlands Park. According to my Google Maps app on my phone it should take 4 and a half hours to walk there, but to me that seemed rather a long time, so I reckoned I could do it in less time. So off I set at 9.45am with instructions on how to get there. It’s 14 miles from my house, which is quite a long way to walk. But I had my music plugged in, a big bottle of water and some food to eat on the way. I guessed that it would take me about 4 hours to walk there, so Mark and Emily got there earlier to have lunch, and then I would find them when I arrived. George wasn’t there, as he’s at Scoutabout, I hope he’s having the most amazing time. My big question is, will he use his soap and flannel at all? Most probably not!! Anyway, I was walking very happily, keeping a good pace and not getting lost. I finally saw a sign for Hatchlands, which is such a relief, as I was getting rather tired by this point. I finally arrive at the entrance and it didn’t take me 4 hours, but took me 3 and a half!! This I was really pleased with. Once I’d found Mark and Emily I had a well deserved ice cream and then we went for a slow stroll round the park and into the house. Mark then drove home which only took about half and hour. I’ve now got to look for somewhere to venture of to next week.

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