Sunday 22nd June 2014 – The path system is not very good.

It’s only when you walk about, that you realise how bad the paths are around where you live. If you keep to the main roads, then they’re not too bad, but if you go off road, then they are very hit and miss (more miss than hit to be honest). I didn’t do my training last Sunday as I was driving from St Helens to Daventry. So today I was back on track, and had to walk for at least 3 and a half hours. I started off well, but then after about 2 hours I went down some back roads, with some really lovely houses. In fact it was a private road, and it was very quiet and peaceful (I bet they don’t get unsavoury kids sitting on their walls). Several people were out and about in their front gardens getting ready for a day out, and others were just tidying. They looked at me as I walked passed, but then realised that I wasn’t there to burgle their houses, so they let me carry on. The houses were lovely, but the gardens were too small for me. So I won’t be wanting to move in to one of those houses, which is good, as they’re worth over £1 million!! Now walking round these houses without paths is fine, as there isn’t much traffic, but slightly further up the road I came to a twisty turny road, with more traffic going faster. Now if you have to walk on the road, remember you must walk towards the traffic. Some cars gave me a wide birth, which I was very grateful for, and cyclists gave be a wide birth, as they know what it can be like, but some cars, well….I was not impressed. Now I’m not asking them to give me loads of room, but slightly more than a couple of inches would be nice. Finally I reached the end of the road of terror, and got back to a track carved out by horses and cyclists, so I felt safe. Walking down this path all you have to avoid was horse poo!! Sometimes when there are paths, they just end, and there is nowhere to cross over the road safely, other times the path is overgrown by stinging nettles, and really uneven. Still I think I’ve moaned enough about the paths by me, but I wish the council would spend some time making them better as well as sorting out all the pot holes. Still I made it back in one piece, and without falling over. I walked for just over the time I wanted, but my app on my phone wasn’t working that well, so I’m not sure how far I walked, but it must have been about 14 miles. A sit down with a cup of tea and a rest is needed, time to recover for next weeks walk, which could be a little tricky (I’m planning on walking up a rather large hill!!)

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2 Responses to Sunday 22nd June 2014 – The path system is not very good.

  1. Vincent Neale (Powerspade) says:

    Where I live you would need a machete to cut through the paths, The council haven’t cleared them for years even though a lot of people have had accidents, Brambles cover 3 paths ferns and nettles another 2 paths and we got 2 local councillors in our street but we don’t see them until about a week before a election

    • Some councils are better at keeping the path clear that others. Our council is fairly good, but where I was walking last sunday was in a different councils patch and I had to walk on the road because the path was covered in brambles and stinging nettles. If you look at the pot holes on the road, you’ll find that the roads outside the local councillors houses are perfect.

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