Monday 23rd June 2014 – Slow and steady.

Another hot and humid day today, so with weather like that, all you can do is go at a sensible pace and stop frequently to have a drink of water. So with that in mind, I decided that I would weed the bed where my cabbages are growing (and the odd rogue potato). It’s quite a large bed, but that’s not a problem. I also have a few garlic growing, because I missed taking some cloves out last autumn. They’ve been growing all winter, and seem to have been very happy. Hopefully I’ll have some decent sized bulbs when I come to harvest them soon. The temperature got up to 25 degrees today, which made loads of plot holders come down to the site. We all had a chat, but because it was hot, many only stayed for a couple of hours (I managed just over 3 hours). I sheared some more grass, and watered the weed free bed, and have used up all my Shropshire Seaweed Fertiliser. But before I went to the allotment this morning, I ordered some more, which has already been dispatched, and should be with me either tomorrow or the day after. That’s amazing service, and the P&P was FREE! That’s it for today on the allotment, tomorrow is supposed to be cooler, so I’ll spend a bit longer up there. On Tuesday I have to come back later, otherwise I can’t find anywhere to park, as the local old peoples centre is very busy on a Tuesday and they park where we park. I’m not moaning…well a little maybe.

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