Day 3 – At Nan and Granddad’s

After a well earned sleep I was all ready to catch up with all the latest news with my grandparents. I’ve not seen them for 2 years, which I know is a long time, but it’s a very long drive to see them (just over 200 miles from my house, and then the same back home). It was lovely to chat about all sorts of news. They’re now getting rather old now, Granddad is 89 and Nan is 91, but they’re still living at home. They’re due to celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary at the end of this year!! As you can most probably imagine, they’re not as spritely as they used to be and getting out to tidy the garden is rather tricky. So being a wonderful grand daughter I offered to spend a fair chunk of the day in the garden weeding and tidying it for them. I didn’t manage to get it all done, but at least three quarters of it. I’d also bought them some plants from Gardeners’ World, so filled in some gaps in the garden with them. I caught Granddad looking out of the kitchen window in the afternoon, and I asked him what was he looking at? “My lovely weed free garden” was his answer. He’s so lovely. They made me a lovely dinner at lunch time, and we then had soup for tea. We then watched a DVD in the evening of Russell Watson. He’s very good, and it was the first time I’d heard him. When the orchestra played some classical music I let Granddad know what films they came from. I think he was rather impressed. Nan’s hearing is very bad, so the volume was rather loud, but she finds it tricky to watch the TV as she can’t hear it well, so they watch either Russell Watson or the 3 Tenors in the evening. Then it was to bed and time for me to prepare for the long drive home, via my cousins house, which I’ll tell you all about in part 4.

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3 Responses to Day 3 – At Nan and Granddad’s

  1. epov88 says:

    And my grand-father was 94 but he died one week ago 😦

  2. Reblogged this on Linda's wildlife garden and commented:
    Lovely post and thank you for sharing have a blessed evening

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