Thursday 29th May 2014 – A day spent in the garden.

Finally we have a bit of sun, which makes everyone so much happier. Yes I know we need rain, but when it never lets up, it can get very depressing. So as the day was overcast but dry, I went in the garden and did some tidying up. Some of the plants had become a little unruly because of all the rain they’ve had lately. So armed with my shears, secateurs, gloves, trowel and a bucket (to put all the garden waste in) I set to work. It took me most of the morning to get the back garden done, and when I’d finished it was time for lunch. Then after lunch it was the front garden, which took 2 hours. Then with a little time to spare I was then in the greenhouse potting up another lot of Chop Suey Greens. And finally sorting out the next lot of plants that need to go in the allotment and put them on the garden table. Next week when the kids go back I’ll be busy on the allotment. I’ve got loads to do.

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