Did you watch the Allotment show?

I found this programme very interesting. What wonderfully clean and weed free plots they had to start with. I don’t think any of us have every achieved that, I know I haven’t. A lovely mixture of contestants, in age, and relationships, and a couple of very smartly dressed ladies. On their plots they seem to be growing a mixture of both vegetables, fruit and flowers. I do love sweet peas they have a wonderful fragrance. I do tend to keep my flowers for the garden at home, and only a few on the allotment to help attract the bees to aid pollination. The first challenge of growing some radish, and it was lovely to see the variety of radish that you could get, and no one seemed to grow the same. The purple radish were my favourite, I’ll have to find some of those. I was a little disappointed as they didn’t show you how to sow them in great detail, it was as though they assumed you’d know. But there are some people watching who may not have know, so for those of you, here’s my little video on How to sow Radish. The bouquets they made for the second challenge were all very beautiful, some larger that others, and the third and final challenge was very colourful. They had to make a curd and a jam. I love curds and jams and make loads of jam in the summer. Curds are a little trickier to make, but I have very successfully made some lemon curd. I think my favourite was the blueberry curd that was made, it was fluorescent purple, it would look fab on a bit of crumpet! It was sad to see the first pair go, but I’m wondering what happens to their plot that they’ve loved and cared for since March? Are they allowed to come back and harvest their goodies or is it left to go bad? Seems a huge waste if it is left. Does any one know?

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17 Responses to Did you watch the Allotment show?

  1. stevemoulson says:

    I don’t know if Liked it it not more on the kit side at the moment,will see if I enjoy it more next week when it’s on. I was wondering if the rejected growers kept what’s been grown,it could of been given to some local charity’s.

    • I’m glad you had the same thought about their plots. I’m interested to see how it pans out, but I’m sure I’ve seen a couple of the contestants before. The smartly dressed ladies, were they on Allotment Wars? I’m sure they were. Don’t know if you watched that but on Allotment wars they had a very chintzy shed.

      • stevemoulson says:

        Can’t remember if I did watch it might have to search online for the show,just hope it improves over time. It would be nice if we had nice weed free soil,we can dream one day to be weed free.

  2. Not got a tv (and out of the country at the mo) but the show does sound interesting. Chickened out of making curd this last year but might try it this time round… Didn’t realise there was a particular way to sow radish – mine was doing fine when I last saw it, anyway.

  3. You can always share them with friends.

  4. Donna Haddock says:

    Yes it was the ladies from Allotment Wars as I thought I had seen them somewhere before and then it clicked when they showed the clip of them in their shed.

  5. missadaniel says:

    I didn’t like the show at all. It’s not really at all representative of having an allotment in my opinion and the challenges just seemed silly and wasteful. I hoped I might get a few tips or learn a few things from the show but it wasn’t useful at all.
    In fact, we changed channel before they got to the jam making. I don’t think I’ll bother again next week

    • Apparently they’re doing runner beans next week. They’re going to show you how to grow them straight. To be honest I don’t mind what shape they are, as long as they taste good.

  6. Brett says:

    I enjoyed it very much, I didn’t realise how picky you had to be for vegetable shows all the radishes look good especially the white moolie. I hope the competitors get to keep their produce would be a waste otherwise

    • You only have to be that picky with your veg when you’re showing it for a competition. Personally I love odd shaped fruit and veg, they taste better somehow. Moolie is an odd vegetable, used a lot in Indian cooking. Apparently when someone is voted off, all their produce goes to a food bank. I did wonder what happened to it, and a competitor from the show got in contact with me.

      • Brett says:

        Im glad the produce isn’t wasted. I eat all my veg and your right the add shaped ones are better!!@

  7. keith says:

    A lovely blog, as always. I did think the say about the allotment program. (They picked the best radishes and I was expecting them to be asked something like…. “What did you do that was better than the others?” OR “How did you get yours this good?”) Never mind. It was interesting anyway 🙂

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