Monday 10th March 2014 – And so it begins again!!

What a lovely way to spend the afternoon, in the greenhouse sowing seeds. Even though the sun wasn’t shining all the time, it was lovely and warm inside my greenhouse, especially as I had a huge cup of tea with me. I’ve got loads of seeds to sow in March, but I sowed the following today: Broad Beans “Aguadulce”, which I’ve grown before and they did really well. You can sow these straight out in the soil, but I tried that last year and they didn’t work very well. So I think you get better results when you start them off inside. Also some Butternut Squash “Hercules”, which I think I sowed last year. They did really well, and it was the first year that I’d grown any decent sized ones. There were supposed to be 10 seeds in the packet, but I ended up with 13. I’m not complaining, I just hope I have enough room for them. I also sowed some Salad Leaves “Winter Blend”. It was the last of these, they make a very good selection of salad leaves, and do taste brilliant. Another salad I popped in was some Rocket “Serrata” and Land Cress. I got these free with a magazine, so hopefully they’ll grow well, and finally some more Chop Suey Greens. These worked well last year, but they need to be harvested early, as they get flowers on them, and then they get bitter. Apparently they should be on my plate in 6 weeks, but that all depends on the weather. Lots more to go, but that was all for today.

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5 Responses to Monday 10th March 2014 – And so it begins again!!

  1. wolf says:

    Hello Claire………eaven so 10 month to late I couldn´t resist to send You a mail to remind You not to forget about the anual Nacked Garden Day. I found it really cute and I shure hope I don´t miss it this year.
    Realizing You being quiet an active lady as far as social networking and scientific investigation I wish to encourage You to get DEEPER in to the obvious positive aspects of organic activity in greenhouses.
    In reference…..Wouldn´t it be interesting to find out, if there is any relation about humidity and growth rate on certain plant species.
    Watching Your Vid… it also seems to me, that greenhouse gases are worth while investigating in persue of further scientivic evidence.
    An interesting subject would also be the stimulating influence of certain plants and fruits to the human sences and if there is fisical evidence.
    I also beleave that some 58.000 views + mine show proove of the importance of Your work in the comunity and hope You accept Your scientific responsabilities.
    In hope of inspireing Your creativity I am impatienly waiting for the next Nacked Garden Day.
    I allready put a load of smiles on Stand By
    After all it´s nice wearing something when being nacked.

    Best Regards
    a Stimulating Hugg
    from Costa Rica


    • That video is now up to over 63,000 views which is amazing! I get comments about it every day, some are a little ruder than others, but hey ho! It depends on the weather this year, I think I’ll have to play it by ear and see. The greenhouse definitely plays a huge part in the seeds germinating faster. It’s amazing how warm it does get in the greenhouse, especially when I only use the sun to heat it, and nothing else. Not sure what I’ll do for this years naked gardening day, but our neighbours are very close and I’m not sure if I can get away with doing another video this year, but I’ll have a go.

      • wolf says:

        Hi Claire
        How is this years green house special comming along. Watching some of Your vids, it looks like Your science project is at risk.. Seems a little more than sun for heating might help. So I thought…, maybe I can inspirate You with something practical to get You in the mute. So You might want to check out this vid

        and the vids close by. Looks like allmost anybody can get something like that built with garbage and as You can see….the results are great, eaven so one might not be the most talented.
        As far as Your neighbours……Well may be they are just jealous and some should move their bedroom to a greenhouse anyway.
        Also here I would like to inspirate You with something practical. Please have a look at this vid and how easy it is to have a green house.

        It´s also a method of adding on very easy. May be You can convince some of them special neighbours to help You before they get the wrong idears.
        I am also convinced if You would add on a little party action mixed with some of them cute smiles it could be stuff for some great vids, not eaven thinking about all them very special side effects……on everything around You…..couldn´t that be exciting ?
        Let me know, how You feel

        Best Regards
        A Super Hugg
        PS my weather

  2. Pumpkin Lady says:

    I share your excitement- will be doing a lot of seed sowing at the weekend! What a lovely way of spending the afternoon!

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