Saturday 1st March 2014 – I hope that’s enough Onions and Garlic for this year!

I should have done this a couple of weeks ago, but life has just been really busy. But today turned out to be the perfect time. I’ve had a wonderful morning. The sun is shining, I’ve got washing on the line drying, and the birds have been singing, so what could be better than spending the whole morning in the greenhouse. First I gave it a thorough wash, with hot water and disinfectant, then I got out all the toilet rolls I’ve collected over the years and I started off the Garlic and the Onions. I’d collected quite a few, but have now run out, so I’m not sure what I’ll be starting my Beans off in later. I got 4 Garlic bulbs of “Chesnok Wight” from Mr Fothergill’s. I’ve never grown them before, I usually grow Solent Wight, but felt like a change this year. So it’ll be interesting to see how they get on. And then I started on the Onions. I get my Onions is sets, as you seem to get far better results than planting them from seed. I got 1 bag of “Certurion”, 1 bag of “Hercules” and 1 bag of “Sturton”. I got them in a pack that contains all 3 bags, so they work out cheaper. After taking just about half a dozen mouldy ones out, I ended up with 260!!! Yes you heard me correctly. I’m not sure how that compares to how many I sowed last year, but hopefully they’ll do well and we’ll have loads of Onions to take us through for a while anyway. Time now for a cup of tea and a sit down.

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13 Responses to Saturday 1st March 2014 – I hope that’s enough Onions and Garlic for this year!

  1. Sounds lovely. I should be planting stuff in the greenhouse although it’s a bit difficult getting in there at the moment due to a 2 tone tree sitting on top of it! I’m off to brave the hail and do some digging instead

    • Oh no!!!! I hope you get it cleared soon, and the greenhouse isn’t too damaged. You can keep the hail to yourself please, we had some on thursday and it really hurt!!

      • Think my lovely up-cycled greenhouse (bought from ebay) is toast. Although I might be able to salvage enough to set it up again on the allotment. Apparently the insurance will pay for a new one but we have to get a 50ft tree out of the garden first that the insurance won’t pay for.

        Also apparently my neighbour (who’s tree it is) isn’t legally responsible for removing it either! Luckily he’s a good sort and also a builder so we’re both out there with chainsaws trying to remove it. Bit of an ongoing project though as disposing of that much tree is more difficult than you’d imagine.

        Then we have to deal with the one that fell down from our garden and landed in the next field. Then fix the fences, then maybe I’ll get a shiny new greenhouse installed courtesy of the insurance company. Hope to get all that done in time for tomato season at least!

        BTW I was sent this last week as someone thought I might like to be on it. Not really my sort of thing (I hate reality TV with a passion), plus I don’t think I’m that good an allotmenteer (I get by) wondered if you might know anyone who’d want to do it, or maybe you fancy it yourself!

  2. You’ve got loads of work ahead of you to get rid of that tree. 50 foot, that’s huge!! Do you know several people with open fires. They may want to take it, then they can dry it over the summer ready to use next winter, just a thought. Maybe your local pub, you could ask for several beers in return? Glad the insurance company will replace it for you. Still it won’t be the same, but nice to get a new one. Be careful when clearing away the glass, make sure you wear proper gloves. I’m glad you have a good neighbour though, both my neighbour have really messy gardens, and it drives me crazy!! And to top it all off you had to sort out that other tree. Poor you. As regards to the TV show, they contacted me last year about this time. My friend Sally and I went for it, and got down to the last 12 pairs. I think they needed 8 pairs, and we weren’t chosen. Still never mind, life goes on. I’m too busy now, and I don’t think they’ll accept me anyway even if I did go for it again. I’ve got a book coming out in April, so that’ll most probably cancel me out. I’ll watch the programme, just for the interest. I was rather upset when we didn’t get it, as they seemed incredibly interested in all the strange things I grew, not your bog standard stuff. Maybe that was why we didn’t get it. They even asked about getting us CRB tested! Never mind.
    Hope you get your garden sorted very soon. They’ll be more information regarding my book soon, but if you want to have a preview type in “Lottie and Dottie Sow Carrots” into Amazon.

    • Yep. We’ve been at it for two weeks now and I think we’ve shifted about half of it. The root is going to be the most difficult bit as it’s still half buried and is right on the fence line. As for burning it, we have a wood-burner but because this is a conifer it’s very sappy and so coats your chimney with creosote if you don’t dry it out properly. That takes around 2 years which is a long time to have a few tons of wood lying about. Although I will keep some, it’s doesn’t burn very hot so takes a lot to keep you warm. But then considering it costs about £150 a time to fill my wood store now I might as well use what I can I suppose.

      Interesting about the TV show. I think if you didn’t get on, there wouldn’t be much hope for me! So good job I’m not interested anyway.

      I saw your post a while back about your book. Congratulations and well done. I got the impression it was for children though. Is that right? I also write a blog for Huffington post, so let me know when it’s published and I’ll try to work some publicity into it for you!

      • You don’t know anyone who will turn your unwanted wood into chippings for free? They’re great to put on paths, we use them on our allotment site. Yes the book is for little ones, up to about the age of 8 years old. I got another 6 copies through the post today, which was a surprise. I’ll let you know all the details soon, and if you don’t mind putting it on the Huffington post that would be marvellous!! Thank you.

      • Yes, we’re hoping to get someone to chip the smaller bits and I’m looking to see if I can drop them off at one of my allotment sites either for mulching next year or for use on paths. The bigger bits I am going to log and keep for firewood. I need to get a better chainsaw though which is my current obsession on Ebay!

        Look forward to hearing about your book

  3. paul says:

    Yes very spring like here too less rain at last, planted out some broad beans today the Witkiem i had a very good crop from these last year also trying bunyards too. This year i trying out the tall type of pea the Alderman into big pots (3 foot across ) what do you think Claire any tips ?

    • This weekend is supposed to be fabulous, so I expect I’ll be in the greenhouse for most of the weekend. Now it’s stopped raining, I can clean the windows in the house. the rain and wind made them very dirty. Alderman peas are brilliant. Make sure you use some form of support as the pods are very large and weigh quite a bit. Fresh peas are amazing. I love them.

  4. I always grow from sets now, the time and energy needed to nurse delicate seedlings through to planting is really not worth it. Like you, I plant loads as they keep well for me.

    • Sets are far more reliable I find. If any of the onions don’t start shooting by the time I plant them outside, then I know they’re no good, and chuck them. That way I’ve not wasted any space.

  5. Lois Ferguson says:

    You can make as many rolls as you need out of rolled up newspaper and cut them to length. Cheers 🙂

    • They do make great rolls. We used to get the free paper arrive, but now they’ve stopped it in our road. Sometimes I can find it in the local supermarket, but usually all the copies have gone before I get to them. My sister gave me 3 rolls last night, so that’s a start.

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