I’m such a Media Tart!!

Yesterday was Mark’s 41st birthday, and he had to go to work. But I sent him in with chocolate chip rock cakes, so he didn’t feel completely sad. I took the kids up to London for the day, and we went to the V&A, then the Science Museum, then Hamleys (just for the hell of it). We then met Mark from work and went for a meal. We then went for a walk around Covent Garden, and popped into the Apple store to look at phones. When you’re in there you have to look at all the other gadgets as well, and when you find a MacBook, you just have to Google in “Claire’s Allotment”. It’s a must. The first film that came up was honestly “Episode 200”. I’m not kidding, it just happened. So then you have to press “Play” and let it run. What I didn’t know was that there was an Apple “close talker” Genius behind me, and when I left, he walked over to the screen and started to watch it. He stared at it for a while, then looked at me, then back to the screen. He never turned it off, so all I can assume is that he watched it to the end. I walked over to Mark and the kids and we left the store. We then went to the Prince Charles Cinema to join in the with Muppets Movie sing along. Brilliant!! Looking at my emails this morning I had a new subscriber, and a comment on that very video. Coincidence? I don’t know!

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1 Response to I’m such a Media Tart!!

  1. Glad you all had a nice time to celebrate Marks birthday

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