Who are all the strangers using the pool?

Now I have to admit, I don’t take the kids swimming very often, mainly because they get to swim loads when we go on holiday to my parents. They can both swim really well, and apart from having a few lesson at school they’ve figured it out themselves with a little help from us. They’re both confident at swimming 25 metres, Emily isn’t keen on diving, but then neither am I after I belly flopped off the top diving board when I was about 15!! George loves diving, and wanted to go on the diving boards, but they were closed this morning, so he spent much of his time at the deep end teaching other kids how to dive. He made friends with a boy named Owen, and they then played a James Bond game in the water. Don’t ask me the rules, as I don’t know them. My two are now at the age where I can leave them in the pool to do what they want, and I can go off and have a swim. When we first got in it was fairly quiet. There were several retired people who were swimming up and down minding their own business, and a few kids with parents. Then after about half an hour all the retired people decided to get out as loads of kids turned up! It then got rather busy. I’m not used to all these strangers swimming with me, it was rather un-nerving. I’m used to having a sneaky swim in my parents pool when no one is looking and swimming several lengths with out being splashed. Not that I mind being splashed that’s what happens in a pool. I decided to leave the chaos and go for a swim in the area that they’d roped off for those wanting to do lengths only. I started in the “Medium Speed Lane”, but I ended up swimming behind a guy that was swimming so slow I could walk faster through the water than he could swim. I then decided to move to the “Fast Speed Lane”! There were 2 other swimmers in that lane and I managed to keep up with them. I swam 5 lengths of 25 metres before I stopped (I’ve not done that for a while) and then it was time to get out. We’d been in for just about an hour, and we were getting hungry. The kids had loads of fun and asked if we could do it again another time. I think we will, but before we go next time I must buy myself another swimming costume as all the elastic has gone in all the wrong places.

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2 Responses to Who are all the strangers using the pool?

  1. Lisa says:

    I miss swimming. Longing for summer. I don’t like to be in the pool with a lot of people either. Was hard to avoid when my boys were growing up as we would go often. Now I like to go to float around and relax more and swim a little less. I still get my exercise at a local swim park in the Wave Pool. P.S. I would be the one slowing you down! lol

    • Wave pools are great fun. Much safer than the sea, and cleaner. I forgot how much I missed swimming. Maybe I’ll start going on a regular basis again, but before I do I must get a new costume. Maybe I’ll look in town next time I’m there.

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