Fox taking a nap and then a snack.

After lunch today I popped into the kitchen, and there bathing in the sun was a fox fast a sleep on my lawn. How long it had been dozing there was anyones guess, but as I watch, it stood up, stretched and then ate some of the bread that I’d scattered on the lawn for the birds. It then strolled down the garden and away. I was a little concerned about it being out, especially during the day, so called the RSPCA, but the lady on the phone said that it was ok, and and as the fox had now gone and didn’t appear injured not to worry. It looked fluffy and no sign of mange. We do get them quite a lot where we live, but I’ve never had one in my garden taking a nap before.

After his nap, he stretched at had a snack.

After his nap, he stretched at had a snack.

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5 Responses to Fox taking a nap and then a snack.

  1. kj says:

    I’m sure a lot of people think this is quite cute, but I don’t think you should be encouraging foxes. They can be quite dangerous, especially to small children and do carry deceased. I find they also like to leave smelly brown “Markers”. (Also I am a bit bias as we have chickens so don’t really like foxes!)

    • When I was younger, my parents had chickens, we totalled 21 at one stage. Wonderful creatures and when I have the room I’ll have some myself. None of them were ever taken my foxes, which was brilliant. We do seem to have loads of foxes about round where we live. Whenever you come back later in the evening, you always see some walking about. In the summer they play about in the square where I live, and wake us up during the night sometime. I had put the bread out for the birds, but the fox seemed to take an interest in it. Whether it’ll come back again, I don’t know. When he is outside in the garden, I won’t disturb him as they do have rather sharp teeth.

  2. hencorner says:

    Pretty but dangerous… especially to chickens!

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