Build a bug home – part three – Claire’s Allotment

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6 Responses to Build a bug home – part three – Claire’s Allotment

  1. Arman says:

    very useful and you look so good!

  2. newhythebirder365 says:

    What a cool bug house! Thanks for the videos – enjoyed them. Good luck with the new visitors!

  3. Is it just accident that important decision to give Watford Farm Terrace Allotments to developers to make money for themselves is announced just before Christmas amid the shopping craze when everybody is looking elsewhere:

    • They are sneaky, sly, greedy people. I hope that your local Councillor can make them realise that what they’re doing is so very wrong. He seems to be on your side which is great, let’s just hope he has enough gusto to make them see what they’re doing is wrong. I will re tweet this for you.

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