Saturday 19th October 2013 – I gave birth to a 17lb pounder today!!

I’m the proud mother of a 17lb Pumpkin. I harvested it today along with another smaller one. Like most of the stuff I grow, it’s not the usual shape, more long than tall, so carving it could be fun. It looks like a long head with 2 ears at the moment, so maybe Frankenstein’s Monster, or Shrek might be good. It’s not the biggest Pumpkin I’ve ever grown, that still stands at 48lb!! But it’s a good size and much bigger than last years 8lb one. I also harvested a couple of Butternut Squash, 3 more Cabbage, a load more Beetroot, both red and orange, as well as the remaining Baby Sweetcorn and some Jerusalem Artichokes, or “Fartichokes” as we like to call them. All in all a good harvest, with lots still remaining in the ground, which can be over wintered if necessary. The weather is still very warm for this time of year, staying in the mid teens, when it should be about 10 – 12 degrees, so some plants are starting to sprout again, like the Globe Artichokes, Rhubarb and the Fennel. I’m sure it’ll suddenly get cold without warning, and then probably snow. We’ve still not put our central heating on yet, but I don’t expect it’ll be long.

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6 Responses to Saturday 19th October 2013 – I gave birth to a 17lb pounder today!!

  1. Congrats Claire. I think it should definitely be made into a Shrek.

    • I’ve just looked at some on YouTube, and they look a bit tricky. Just remember I can’t draw a stick man in proportion, let alone a Shrek face on a Pumpkin. I may have to enlist the help of my artistic husband.

      • There are loads of brilliant free pumpkin designs templates on the internet. We print a couple off every year, cellotape them to the front of the pumpkin and your away…perfect pumpkin designs every time. U might not get a shrek though, but your kids will definitely find designs they like, there’s tons of them. X

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    Where to they all come from?

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