Wednesday 31st July 2013 – Wow I harvested a lot just now!

I popped in the greenhouse first thing this morning, firstly to water, secondly to tie up some tomatoes, and finally to see in there was anything ready to harvest. I was so excited that my first “Moneymaker” tomato  was ready to pick, and smells wonderful, also I picked about 30 cucamelons. I had to try one of course, and they so wonderful. A definite for next year I’m sure. I’ve not been down the allotment for a few days, so after telling the kids I’d be popping out for a bit, I pootled down to see what I could find. I needed to get some more onion, so came back with hopefully enough to keep us going til past the weekend. Another clove of garlic 2 rather wonder looking Spanish Squash and 3 “Golden Dawn” Courgettes. I noticed that one of my Atlantic Giant pumpkin had split, which I was very sad about. It must have been all the rain we’ve recently had, and it’s burst. It looks like there’s another one growing, so hopefully that one will be ok. Anyway, back home for a cup of tea. The Courgettes I’ve just picked, I may take bell ringing tonight, as I still have some in the fridge, and loads more growing on the plants. I expect I’ll have some takers for them.

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