Thursday 25th July 2013 – My spikes are all up.

Well it’s been a busy day in the garden. I’ve taken down the trellis I had on the back fence, and replaced it with the spiky “Prikka Strips”. It says you can either screw, nail or glue them into place. I thought nails would be easier, but you can’t get them in properly, so screws are the better option. I’ve put them all over the back fence, and then I ordered extra to put on the shed roof to keep the cats away from my bird box. I’ve got a tiny amount left, so I’ll attach that to the bottom of the bird box, to hopefully prevent the cats from getting to the birds from the bottom. I just need to attach the box to the shed, and then I’ll be ready for next spring. They’re easy enough to put up, but I would suggest that you wear a pair of thick gloves as you have to lean on the spikes when you put the first couple of screws in, and they leave an imprint on your hands. When I’d finished I looked like I had the measles rash on my hands. Only time will tell if they work, but hopefully they’ll be of some deterrent. I’ve just got to put the little warning sign up, which I’ll do tomorrow.

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