Wednesday 24th July 2013 – Gooseberries are very painful!

Well my hands and lower arms are covered in scratches. It looks like I’ve been attacked by a cat or something with claws, but I’ve not, it was just my Gooseberry bush. Those thorns are really long and sharp. Does anyone know if there’s a painless gooseberry, or any idea on how I can get injured less? I’ve done 1 bush and still have the other to do. Any suggestions would be good. Maybe I should get hold of those gloves that you use when handling birds of prey? Anyway, besides that I also harvested 5 yellow courgettes, some more radish, and a few Tayberries….oh and my first bulb of garlic. We’ve run out at home, they’re not quite ready, but they’ll do. I also cleared a load more of the fruit bed and under all the tall long grass I sound a Goji berry bush that was still thriving. They’re amazing plants, and they really need no attention once they’re established. As far as the thunder storms we were expecting on Monday evening, well, they were very pathetic. We had a few rumbles about 10pm, then a brief down pour at about 4am, followed by a few faint rumbles and some lightening that was so far away. Then on Tuesday about 11am another brief down pour and and a few rumbles. Rather pointless really, and it didn’t do much for the humidity. Still never mind, maybe next time. The garden at home is all ready for the fencing men. They’re coming on Wednesday at 7.45am!! Better make sure I’m dressed, otherwise that’ll be a bit of a shock for them. I’ll make lots of cake this weekend to keep them and the kids going. They’ve both broken up for the summer now. George has finished primary school so as of September Mark and I will have both our kids at secondary school. Now it’s the expensive time to buy uniform!!

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