Wednesday 26th June 2013 – Weed…and not the illegal type.

Had a jolly, spiffing time on the allotment this morning. I don’t quite know why I’m being all posh, but there you got. It must have been something I ate! Anyway, I managed to weed loads today. I finished the onion bed, and then gave them a good old water, and then started weeding another bed that I’ve got various seeds and chard in. The Chard is doing amazingly, but has bolted, so I’m cutting off the seed heads and taking any leaves and stalks that are ok. I’ve also started to weed the rest of that bed, and I’ve found some seeds growing that I’d sown earlier in the season. The Salsify are doing really well, they look like blades of grass, so it’s very easy to mistake them for that. I’ve found some carrots, and am pulling up the last of the first row of radish that I sowed. In any of the spaces that I create I’m planting in my “Purple Teepee” Dwarf beans, so they’ll be dotted all over my plot. I couldn’t bring myself to start turing over the final bed, but will have to be brave and attempt it soon. I think I got bitten on my shin by a red ant, but it’s not a bad one, and the first of this season, so I think I’m doing really well. In the greenhouse at home I’ve got some little baby tomatoes that have appeared. I’ve told them that I’m very proud of them, and they’re so beautiful. I never talked in a baby voice to my kids when they were little, but I do to my plants. Is that a little weird?

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4 Responses to Wednesday 26th June 2013 – Weed…and not the illegal type.

  1. lindasgarden says:

    awesome post Claire

  2. david gray says:

    You know, i am a grown man of 43 yet i sometimes tend to talk to my plants so your not alone on this Claire, ha. I have some early cropping yellow tomatoes that are 2 inch across, and one of the pepper plants has a good size pepper on already so talking honestly does help 😉

    • I keep telling my husband that plants like being spoken to and they grow better, but I’m sure he doesn’t believe me. Oh that reminds me I’ve not said “Hello” to the plants in my greenhouse today. I’d better go and do that in a bit. I’ve got some baby tomatoes in the greenhouse, but the peppers are still a little on the small side.

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