Friday 14th June 2013 – Much better day than yesterday.

I feel very naked without my fence panel up, but I’ve asked the guys who are going to replace our fence if they are able to do it sooner than we first requested. I’ve not yet heard back from them yet, but I’m sure I will later. Today’s weather is much calmer than yesterdays (it couldn’t really be any worse), still a bit windy, but the sun is now shining so I feel much happier. I spent 4 hours on the allotment today, and got quite a lots done. I’ve finally got all my Candisa F1 Cabbage in, my Cauliflower “All year Round” and Brussels Sprouts “Trafalgar”. I’ve strimmed a load more grass, so it’s looking a little better, and started to turn over another bed. This is hard work as it’s not been dug for a while, but I’ll sort it out. When I’ve had enough digging I pop over to another bed, and have a weed. I can only stay doing one thing for a while, otherwise it gets really boring. I took my lunch up with me again today, and sat on my knee pad, leaned up against my shed and munched away. It was very pleasant. It’s the weekend now, so tomorrow I’ll be in the greenhouse, and on Sunday I’m hoping to go to Gardeners’ World at the NEC. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to get there, not sure if I could miss it.

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