Spoke too soon, bugger!!

Well I’ve just got in from taking a fence post and panel down. The wind ripped the post that was attached to the brick wall out, and the panel with it. The other post has now been propped up with 3 paving slabs and a wooden bench. I’m hoping that it’ll stay standing. I now have a 6 foot gap in the fence between us and my neighbour, and with strict instructions that neither hers or my kids are to visit the others gardens. As I was cutting down the bushes that had entwined themselves up the fence and through the trellis I noticed a birds nest hiding deep inside with 2 blue with brown spotted eggs. Having had a quick feel of the eggs, (which were stone cold) I phoned the RSPB to find out what to do, and to find out what eggs they may be. Having described them to the lovely man on the phone he said they were most probably from a Dunnock, and it sounded like the nest was an old one from last year. Phew!! Grateful that I’d not disturbed a breeding pair I carefully removed it (it was stuck fast) and took a picture for you to see. I’m not sure what to do with it now, any suggestion? The hole in the fence will have to stay until the men come to do the fence in 3-6months time. So out of a situation that really made me cross I discovered something wonderful. I suppose everything has a silver lining. P1000584

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6 Responses to Spoke too soon, bugger!!

  1. lindasgarden says:

    lovely post find space in your shed or greenhouse and keep as a keep sake and place the nest back into a bush or hedge and if you do get more cams you could put on it

  2. MoonRiver says:

    What beautiful eggs!

    • It was such a surprise to find them hiding. I was a bit concerned to start with that I’d disturbed them, but having spoken to the RSPB I felt better. They are so pretty, and it was such a privilege to see them up so close.

  3. gillingham says:

    Good find – hopefully the Dunnock may come back in the future. Interestingly some of the leaves inside the nest look green suggesting they might not be that old.

    • I think the green leaves in the nest were to ones that had fallen off the plant when I was cutting it down. Hopefully it’ll come back another year. But I’ll have to wait until the plants grown back again.

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