Monday 10th June 2013 – Afternoon filled with tomatoes and salad.

Once the kids were home from school and I’d sorted them out a snack, (they’re always starving when they come home from school. Emily has to cycle about a mile and a half to school, and George had been to London Zoo for a school trip), I popped in the greenhouse to see what mischief I could get up to. Loads as it happens. I potted on more of my Tomatoes “Moneymaker” and the “Pineapple” ones from Chuck Fenster. Then as we’ve been eating so much of the salad I grew, I decided that as the first batch was growing again, I’d better sow some more, so I finished the packet of “Niche Oriental Mixed” Salad Leaves. By the time I’d finished it was time to start dinner and have a sit down.

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5 Responses to Monday 10th June 2013 – Afternoon filled with tomatoes and salad.

  1. I potted on a whole batch of tomatoes – San Marzano – this morning, thinking how late I was, so reassured to see this post. What’s the latest you’ve planted them out Clare?

    • I would say the latest to get the plants in the soil is end of June. Depends where you live really and what the weather is like. But as a general rule at least a month after your last frost date.

  2. Oh heck, sorry I mis spelt Claire.

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