Monday 10th June 2013 – Brassicas here we go!

Now it’s time to get all my brassicas in. I’ve got quite a few, so it may take a while. But this morning I got in my Cabbage “Savoy” and “Candisa”, my Kale “Black Tuscany” and my Kohl Rabi “Purple, Green and Giant”. I also harvested some more Radish “Jutrzenka”, they’re really doing the best I’ve ever seem them do, and they taste amazing. As I was having a strim of the grass I noticed that some of my strawberries had started to turn, so I had to try one, and it was very sweet and juicy. There are loads of flowers on them, so hopefully I end up with loads of fruit. I’m running out of last years jam that I made, so I need to make more for this year. So all in all a good morning, now I just need to get the bits in the car that I’ll need for tomorrow.

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3 Responses to Monday 10th June 2013 – Brassicas here we go!

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  2. I’ll be doing the same thing this week, I have kale and cauli’s to plant.

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