Friday 7th June 2013 – What was that stuff that came out the sky?

I believe the weatherman’s words last night were something like this….”Tonight there may be a few light showers, but they will be very few and far between”. Hold on to that thought. Well at, I don’t know what time this morning (it was still dark) the heavens opened and it absolutely poured down. Great for the garden, and I didn’t mind as I was tucked up in bed. However, I was expecting sun again for the whole day, but at about 11am there I was in my shorts doing more of my raised beds, and the sky came over very dark and it really rained for a long time. It was quite pleasant to start with, but then it got heavy and cold. Luckily I’d taken my jumper down with me, so I had to put that on. I carried on for quite a while, and then decided that I would sit in the car and have my lunch and wait for the rain to stop. It did, so after I resumed with more hammering and nailing (got the longer nails now). Then it started raining again, so once I’d finished all the wood I had, I packed up and came home for a well earned cup of tea. I’ve now done 5 raised beds, and they’re looking good. Just make sure you don’t accidentally let go of the hammer in mid swing, as I did and it came bak and caught my shin bone…ouch!! I’ve now got a lovely little bump and I’m sure a bruise will appear. More war wounds from the allotment.

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4 Responses to Friday 7th June 2013 – What was that stuff that came out the sky?

  1. Many times the rain has caught me out, but it’s beautiful to watch and listen to it when I sit in my shed…but after a while it does get frustrating doesn’t it, when you can’t get on with the jobs you wanted to do at your allotment.

  2. Kimba says:

    Blame me, claire! I took a day off and whenever I do it rains! We went to Sissinghurst and it chucked it down en-route and was v cold and windy when we got there. Summer, what summer?

    • We’ve been to Sissinghurst, it’s a beautiful Castle and gardens. I hope you had a great time even thought the weather wasn’t great. The summer came back this week, but today it’s raining, however, the weekend looks glorious!! Hope you’re able to get out in the garden, and catch the sun.

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