What an eventful afternoon.

Well I spent just over 2 hours planting various plants in Louise’s (my sister in laws) garden. We all got together and sorted out her back garden a while back, and the plants that we put in are doing really well. There are a few holes, so I filled them in today. The bind weed is a huge problem, but I’m sure we can sort it out in time. The kids and I then went to Michelle, my sister and I had a few vegetable plants for her. Mainly brassicas and beans. She’s recently moved into a new house and the garden is smaller, but her greenhouse is up, and she’s got lots of plants in. We had a chat, and then the kids and I joined the rush hour traffic home. After a really busy day and a couple of glasses of red wine, I’m now fine and relaxed. Mark is home tomorrow evening, which I’m so looking forward to, for many reasons. Six nights on my own…what can I say.

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3 Responses to What an eventful afternoon.

  1. lindasgarden says:

    what an eventful and busy day you have had good luck for tomorrow and have a great Sunday with Mark and the children

  2. Should add; enjoy your evening!

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