Robins, beans, and sweet potatoes.

Well it’s been a busy morning with one thing and another: Gas man (boiler decided not to turn itself off), Derek to see about replacing our fencing (I put it in 10 years ago and it’s had enough, but I’m not doing it again), and all sorts of things to do in the garden and greenhouse. Now that June is very nearly here (tomorrow is the 1st, yay!) It’s time to start getting all the tender crops ready to go outside. I’ve put a load on the garden table, so next week I’ll take them down the allotment and put them in their final resting places (sounds like a funeral). So far I’ve got a variety of squashes and pumpkins, sunflowers, all the sweetcorn and the chop suey greens. That should keep me busy for a while. Once they’ve gone in, then I’ll get some more out. I’ve got loads of brassicas, so I think that’ll be the next job. I need to get new netting first. Finally I’ve planted my Runner and French beans. I’ve not been putting them off, but just didn’t have room in the greenhouse for them. To be honest with the weather like it is, I don’t think it’ll matter if they’re a bit late. I’ve sown “Wisley Magic”, “Blue Lake” and “Purple Teepee”. Also a very generous plot holder, Chantel, gave me 5 slips of sweet potatoes. I’m not sure where she got them from or what variety they are, but I’ve now put them in soil in a large pot. They’ve been sitting in water since she gave them to me, and have got some lovely roots growing, so I’m hoping that they’ll do well this year. Just before the birds breeding season started, there was pair of robins who kept visiting my garden. I’d not seen them for a while, as they must have been busy with their new brood. However, over the past few days they’ve come back, but I think it’s a parent and a baby. They sat on my fence this morning, and the parent bird was feeding the baby. It was such a beautiful sight. I tried to get the camera ready, but when I came back they’d gone. This afternoon the kids and I are off to my sister in laws to put some more plants in her garden, then it’s home for a good clean.

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2 Responses to Robins, beans, and sweet potatoes.

  1. I’m trying sweet potatoes for the first time this year. Are you growing them outside or in the greenhouse? I’m not sure about the best option. We’ve lots of young starlings and sparrows but no sign of any young robins or blackbirds.

    • I’ll be growing them outside in the soil. They need fertile soil, so make sure they have plenty of compost. If you live in a colder area grow them in the greenhouse/poly tunnel, or cover them in fleece if grown outside. Let me know how you get on. My great tit babies are still being fed, but it won’t be long before they leave me, and all is quiet. I will miss them.

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