Victoriana Nursery Gardens – Helping hand discounts!

Victoriana Nursery Gardens

A Helping Hand To Catch Up In The Garden?… Discounts Up To 40%

It’s often said that the first rule of marketing is to never be negative; the trouble is, with a March like we’ve all had to endure we’re not quite sure how we can be 100% positive! Well, at least it would appear that it is finally on the turn – which means there’s masses to do in the garden in order to catch up.
And so we have put together some great offers to help you stretch you gardening pound to the max – allowing you to plant those last few fruits or that hedge you haven’t quite got round too (it’s still cold enough for bare root planting), or to start on those vegetable and flower sowings that you’ve been delaying until the weather cheers up…

20% Off Vegetable Seeds & Flower Seeds

20% Off Fruit – Tree Fruit, Soft Fruit, Grape Vines, Nuts – the lot!

A massive 40% Off the following Hedging Plants – Cherry Plum Hedging, Willow Hedging, Coral Pearl Hedging & Shrub Rose Hedging.

To claim these fantastic discounts simply use the offer code APRIL13 between now and the 14th April 2013.

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