Saturday 6th April 2013 – It is here?

Well, I’m little shocked today as this afternoon the temperature got up to 11 degrees…I may have to go and have a sit down to calm myself. But the weather people seem to think that the weather is about to turn a corner and we’ll finally start to warm up, just a bit. Sounds good to me and hopefully they’re not going to be wrong like Michael Fish in 1987!  I was 13 when it happened and we all got a day off school. But back to the allotment. This morning was very busy on the allotment, loads of people on their plots digging away. I want to get the last of my King Edward potatoes in, so I spent 2 hours clearing a bed ready for them to go in tomorrow. The soil is drying out well. Fingers, toes, legs and anything else crossed that spring is starting.

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6 Responses to Saturday 6th April 2013 – It is here?

  1. TERENCE says:

    I have been avoiding the snow/cold wind. My new plot is a`blank` canvas, did a bit of clearing today and tool 3 buckets of festering kitchen waste for the compost bin. A start at least

  2. lindasgarden says:

    Lovely post as always I treated my self to a new peach tree today I have not planted it yet or blog about but will hopefully tomorrow also take a photo the roots look good on this one two unlike the one I got 3 years ago at b&q

  3. We reached 14 degrees today!!!!!! Tomorrow I’ll start putting my King Eds in. I only have room for a few so have 10 tubers chitting 😀

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