Friday 5th April 2013 – Bracing on top of the tower.

Well this morning the kids and I put on an extra pair of socks each, thick jumpers and got our scarves, gloves and hats on and we visited Leith Hill. Yes it was a bit chilly, but nothing better than putting on your wellies and taking a bracing walk on one of the highest points in Surrey. There weren’t many people about, just the odd dog walker and the National Trust people hiding in their hut. It then started to snow, which was ok, but the change in temperature was huge. They had quite a lot of snow still on the ground it seemed to be isolated to that small spot. But we climbed the 70 odd steps to the top of the tower. “Not bad I thought” as we looked out towards the south, but then you turned to the north, and oh my!! We decided looking south was a better option, not that you could see much as the cloud was very low. No one else was brave enough to go up to the top, so after about 10 minutes it was time to climb down again. We had a good wander around for about an hour with the kids climbing trees (George anyway) and them running up and down the mounds. We found a little shelter which looked like Eeyore’s home from Winnie the Pooh. Then decided that it was time to get back in the car and go home. Nice warm lunch and a bit of telly, lovely.

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