Friday 22nd March 2013 – Knee pads

Firstly thank you to those of you who sent their best wishes yesterday. I had a wonderful day, and made so special by my lovely family. I spent some of my birthday money today. I bought some knee pads, pink ones of course, and some Micro greens. Will be making a film about those seeds when I plant them. We have no snow and the odd spit spot of rain at the moment, but the rain is supposed to come in later. Hope that’s those of you who have bad weather are ok.

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2 Responses to Friday 22nd March 2013 – Knee pads

  1. I like the look of those knee pads, I can’t cope at the allotment without my kneeling pad! We saw a little bit of snow early this morning, no rain yet but really windy.The poor chickens were sulking, they cope well with cold weather but not high winds so we covered the sides of the chicken run with tarp. Glad you had a lovely birthday, roll on some spring sunshine!

    • They’re very comportable knee pads, why I didn’t get any earlier I’ll never know. Next week is supposed to be getting warmer, but only slightly, and more unsettled, but at least it’s getting warmer.

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