Thursday 21st March 2013 – Having a rest on your “Special Day”.

I know that when some people have their “special day”, they relax by sitting in front of the TV to catch up on all those films they’ve been wanting to watch for weeks, or go out for lunch with friends. Me, what do I do? Well I go to the allotment for two and a half hours in the morning to dig two beds and plant a loads of potatoes, come home for French brie on toast, a cake, an apple and a cup of tea, and then go back to the allotment for another two hours to dig another couple of beds and plant yet more potatoes. That’s how I relax in a strange sort of way. At least I’ve now planted all my Apache and Picasso potatoes. Oh and I’m still in my 30’s, but it’s the dreaded 40 next year. Better have a shower and get cleaned up before we go out for dinner tonight as I’m a bit muddy.

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12 Responses to Thursday 21st March 2013 – Having a rest on your “Special Day”.

  1. Jim Baldock says:

    Happy Birthday Claire 🙂

  2. lindasgarden says:

    Well done you Claire I think that’s a nice way to relax that will be once I get the all go notice re my garden

  3. angela says:

    Have a lovely day x

  4. How funny, it’s mine too, so Happy Birthday to us! Enjoy your evening out. xxx

    • How wonderful. Hope you have a great birthday also, what ever you’re doing. It’s also the day that Johann Sebastian Bach was born, but way back in 1685. I think he’s dead now though.

  5. Jeanette says:

    Have a lovely Birthday. Doing what you love is the best way to spend it!!

  6. It’s the dreaded 40 next year for me too. Gulp! Happy belated birthday, I like your choice of birthday celebration!

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