Friday 8th February 2013 – The Kings have arrived!

Nothing to do with royalty I’m afraid, but I’ve been awaiting the last of my seed potatoes to arrive and they did today, 3kg of King Edwards. My kitchen looks like a seed potato factory at the moment. The tops of all the kitchen cupboards have potatoes chitting away on top of them. They can chit till their hearts content and I’ll start to put them in next month. Forgot how many I ordered, but there’s plenty of room in my plot, so that’s ok. I may be regretting how many I got when I start putting them in, but who knows.

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8 Responses to Friday 8th February 2013 – The Kings have arrived!

  1. cheramiferme says:

    I am using egg trays to chit mine up what do you use Claire

    • Cardboard egg trays are brilliant for chitting, but I put mine on metal dinner trays and they seem to work well.

      • cheramiferme says:

        Hi Claire my main crop of pots came today all I have to do is find space for 25 kilos to chit up, how many chits or shoots do you leave on yours, I found that four is ok, but I rub out all the little one’s. I asked you if you were a Burgess because I too am a Burgess originally from Essex and Dorset. I also will pop my shallots in the ground though it is still a bit cold at the moment.

  2. Wow 25kilos, that a lot of spuds. Hope you find room for them all. I don’t tend to rub any shoots off before I place them in the soil. If the shoots aren’t sturdy enough, they’ll fall off when the soil touches them. That’s just me, but if you want to rub some off do and leaving 4 is fine. Yes my maiden name is Burgess, but I was born in Surrey, and most of the family before lived in either Surrey or Mitcham, but my granddad was born in Portsmouth.

    • Hi Claire
      Yes it is a lot but we try (That’s my son and I) not to buy any spuds from the shop if we can help and if there were any over the Pig (Wendy) gets them. Wow it’s strange that you lived in Surrey. I started from Wembley then to Sth Norwood,then Wallington. this year we want to try and save some small one’s to go into the tunnel for Christmas, have you ever tried growing spud for Xmas ?

      Love your bit about the birds, we have some sort of grease things for them, so pleased you mentioned as I forgot to put them out. The Jays are flying about as well so maybe Summer is on it’s way.

      • When we have a big enough garden I want lots of chickens and a couple of pigs. One day maybe. Wow Wallington’s not that far from me, that’s so odd. I’ve never tried to grow Christmas potatoes. I must give them a go one year. The birds aren’t nesting in my little house at the moment, but I’m still hoping. I’ve got lots of food out for them, so hopefully they’ll come back. I don’t see Jay’s very often round here, I hear wood peckers over on the common, but you can never find them in the trees.

  3. I forgot to mention that our biggest problem in France is the Colorado beetle lets hope it never gets a hold in the UK as it is really almost impossible to get rid of.

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