Tuesday 5th February 2013 – Finished the onions.

I know when I wrote about the onions on 26th January I said I’d do the rest the following day, but things get in the way like most of the family being a bit poorly, but we’re all better now and I finally managed to get the rest of the onions started off. Better late than never I suppose. I’ve run out of loo rolls, so instead I half filled a seed tray with compost and spaced the little onions out in rows. I managed to get 24 in each tray. The greenhouse is nearly full, but I’ve got various plants that’ll go else where soon, so I’ll have the room for the next lot of sowing. The final lot of onions were “Centurion” (makes me think of Monty Python, welease Bwian). Watch Monty Python and the life of Brian if you’ve not already, great film.

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4 Responses to Tuesday 5th February 2013 – Finished the onions.

  1. Edward says:

    Lib Dem-controlled Watford council in Hertfordshire wants to allow construction companies take over the Farm Terrace Allotments to build commercial buildings and flats on the site. The Tory MP of Watford also has put all his weight behind this, calling himself “possessed man” :

    This can put a precedent to build over more allotment sites all over the country where greedy developers are after to profits from the lands within the towns.
    Claire, will you please support our effort to save the Farm Terrace Allotments?

    We are organising an event this Sunday February 10th, 10-12:30.
    It is an opportunity to share some sausages, see our wonderful green space, be part of our community, hear about our campaign to save this community from being concreted over by greedy builders and Watford Borough Council.

    Address: Farm Terrace Allotments, behind Watford Football Club (via foot on Occupation Road, Near Red Lion pub), cars via Cardiff Road.
    Our Email: savefarmterrace@hotmail.co.uk

    • Dear Farm Terrace Allotments,
      Thanks you very much for the invitation for me to attend on sunday, unfortunately I won’t be able to attend for several reason, firstly I’m bell ringing until just after 10am, then it’s over an hours drive to get to you. Also my parents would have flow in just the day before and the house will be in chaos as we’re having a new bathroom put in.
      If there is anything you would like me to do via my blog or twitter etc please let me know. I’ve looked on Google earth at your site, and it’s very large, but there are also many vacant spaces in the surrounding area for them to build on, so why they’re penalising you is just so unfair.
      Let me know how I can help.
      I wish you all the very best with your fight. Have you spoken to NSALG about this? They may be able to help. If you’ve not contacted them do so immediately.
      Best wishes,
      Claire Burgess

  2. Edward says:

    Hi Claire,
    Spring is so near and we do not know what to do here at Watford’s Farm Terrace Allotments. We can not plan for our crop and for the seeds and the time is running out so fast.
    This has been the situation since 2007, but this year it is going to final conclusion it appears. Lib Dems and Tory’s are pushing ahead with this land grab attempt as the next election is getting closer which may remove them from power. It seems they are really in hurry to fill their pockets as much as they can before going.
    It all began when the NHS owned Watford General Hospital wanted to build a health centre in its own land (in the parking and some adjacent parts belonging to hospital). A contractor was selected and the plans were set.
    Everybody was happy and things looked bright for all of us.
    Until the private contracting company demanded that the nearby allotments be given to them so they can make money on them by building private luxury apartments and a hotel on the site of the allotments. Nobody knows for sure who were behind this change of tone. Some may say it was the brain child of the private, financial interests in the Lib Dem-controlled Watford council. The area is on the northern slopes of the River Colne valley with a good sunward view and the contractor and their council backhanders can make lots of money if they take over the allotments before the next election.
    Farm Terrace Allotments are 116 years old. You can see this in the style of the plots in Bing Map’s view which is much better than Google map in this respect. Even you can identify our type of crops in Bing map. They are a heritage site. Watford has lost many of its heritage in the past by the short sighted councils in 1950’s and 1970’s.
    We thought you as an influential person, being a kind of celebrity allotmenteer, with your appearance in Horticultural TV and your own Youtube channel which has about 3000 subscribers, may be able to help our voice be heard.
    It appears builders are much after the land in and around London (in satellite towns like Watford and Guildford). We all can be affected in future by what is happening now in Watford.

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