Finally had time to watch Allotment Wars.

Yes I know it’s been on the planner for nearly a week, but I’ve only managed to catch up with it today. I know that many of you have commented on this programme, but I would like to mention a few items that caught my eye. Firstly, how can that lady Michelle (I think was her name) garden in those nails? I know they were most probably false nails, but even still. My hands get in such a state, along with the rest of me when I’m up the allotment. And isn’t a shed supposed to contain gardening equipment, or is that just me? Secondly the treatment of that young teaching assistant in Manchester was atrocious. I thought he was such a lovely young lad, but he was clearly being bullied off the site, and having to call the police on him, really, they should have been done for wasting police time. Finally I did find the competitive nature of those 2 elderly gents in Newcastle a bit beyond belief. Not having spoken to each other for the last 2 or 3 years, and they’ve got neighbouring plots. To me they’re behaving like 5 year olds. But the burnt out remains of his shed was going too far. I did chuckle when there were remarks about Bill and Ben, and the gentleman making tea. I know we only saw what would be regarded as “Good TV”, and I’m sure there are plenty of wonderful stories to be told. I’m sure that there is nothing like that happening on our site, maybe a few petty incidents, but nothing to that degree. Also I noted that all the Committee members were men, women are quite capable also you know. Well, that’s me piece said, I feel like one of those people who write to “Points of View” I should have started “Why oh why….”. Any way happy gardening and have a great year.

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10 Responses to Finally had time to watch Allotment Wars.

  1. Clare Dallison says:

    Immediately after this show on late night BBC was “Greenfingers” a film which is still available on iplayer – well worth a watch as it reflects the other side of gardening. It is about a prison gardening team who get to display at Hampton Court, and Chelsea I believe, I am sure you will enjoy this POSITIVE view of gardening. Heartily recommended!

  2. Like you said, ‘Good TV’ but a great shame that we didn’t see more of a story and that the stories we saw we’re not balanced. It wasn’t a TV documentary, it was akin to a rather sloppy reality TV piece. There was more an idea that the documentary was trying to push people away from allotments and they chose individuals who were either too vain, too childish or just rather confused by it all. It seemed like a wasted opportunity, there are many great things about being on an allotment but at no time did the documentary try to give us a balanced argument for or against. It just seemed to be against all the way through. I love allotments, I love anything that gets people back in touch with the earth. This wasn’t good TV, like The Big Dig was, which was balanced and showed the pros and cons of allotment life, this was just pointless TV.

    • There needs to be a programme about good things that happen on allotment, not the petty arguments that go on. I don’t watch reality TV, Strictly, Big Brother as so on. I’d rather do the ironing.

  3. Mark says:

    i don’t bother with our committee we have two on our site which just spells wars its us and them one wont talk to you if you’ve spoken to another member of the other committee on our “lane” of allotments were out the way i know every one around me and there all great really nice people apart from the women who’s across from me shes a pain some time (my mum) lol but i dint watch it it would’ve drove me mad i think.

    I’ve been reading ur blog for ages but never comment figured I’d start lol

    • Why have 2 committees, that sounds rather odd. I did gasp several times during the programme, in horror and astonishment. I hope you enjoy reading my blog, I try to make it as interesting as possible. After all gardening is a hobby and should be fun.

  4. Hi Claire. I agree that this programme made an enjoyable change. We could definitely do with some more Allotment themed programmes, surely with so many different types of people up and down the country all busy trying to engage in this hobby, there’s many more interesting tales to tell. Love your Youtube video’s, I flick through them from the very first one every January. Please keep posting videos and blogging: your an inspiration. Thanks.

    • Sometimes the way in which allotment growing is portrayed on TV makes it look easy, but we know it really hard work. There are many people who start without really realising this, and soon give up. Get back to basics is what is needed. Show the dirty knees, the thorns in fingers, and the rain that comes with it.

  5. Robert says:

    After reading your Blog about the allotment wars, I decided for a laugh to download it. I am afraid that it was no surprise to me at all accept the dirty trick that they played on the younger fellow. It is always the same when one has committee’s and power hungry people who most likely have wives that rule the roost at home or of course around the other way and when they get on the committee they feel in control. Though it is sad it is how these things happen.

    • Glad you watched the programme. I too found the behaviour of various people unbelievable, especially the way in which the young man was treated. We have a lovely committee on our site, so hopefully people don’t think all committees are the same as those shown on the programme.

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