Pineberries – Claire’s Allotment part 176

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4 Responses to Pineberries – Claire’s Allotment part 176

  1. David says:

    Hi Claire

    Really pleased you have pineberry plants, we have been selling them for two years and think they are great.

    If you would like to try Framberry plants (raspberry flavoured ready later this year) let me know and I will send you some…

    Kind regards


  2. David says:

    Hi Claire

    No problem, I will be in contact when they are ready and send you some. Be great to get your feedback as we only started growing them last year. Frambroise – mmm I dont think so – I think they just use plan old Raspberries 🙂 More on Framberry and Pineberry plants with some growing tips at our web site

    Kind regards

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