Friday 21st September 2012 – Well Autumn has arrived.

First day of Autumn today, so watch out for those chilly mornings. I had a good couple of hours on site this morning. I managed to lay some more path, but it’s a bit tricky getting the pegs in the soil as it’s so hard, so the only option is to make a hole with the big fork, it seems to work. I strimmed a load more and took 4 wheel barrow loads to the green waste area. There were only a few other plot holders there, so I could sing along to my ipod without worrying that anyone would hear me. Hopefully next week I can go any get a load of manure, so I’d better clear the car out and lay the blue plastic sheet down in the back. Still waiting for rain, looks like either Sunday or Monday, but that could change.

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10 Responses to Friday 21st September 2012 – Well Autumn has arrived.

  1. You put manure in your car!?

    • I put a large plastic sheet down first that wraps around all the manure. Then the manure is in bags and goes straight to the allotment. Doesn’t make the car smell as it’s not in the boot for long enough.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Hi Claire,
    You manure in the fall? I thought in the spring? Do you dig in or leave on top to rot? I just usually shred a good think layer of leaves and then roto in rotted matter in spring? Also, I absolutely got a hoot out of your latest video (laughed harder than one about water butt). I ordered some seeds from amazon. In states, they have it listed as toothache plant. I hope it’s the same. Cheryl

    • I usually manure in the autumn. I just spread a thick layer on top of the soil and leave it there all winter. The worms do most of the work, and the rain helps push it down. If the summer is going to be dry, then I sometimes puts some round various plants to stop the water evaporating too fast. Leaves and cardboard can also be laid on the soil instead or as well, but sometimes it gets a bit windy on the allotment, and they disappear. As for the seeds, they’re also called the Tooth ache plant, so yes you’ve got the right ones. I’ve moved my plant inside now and it’s on the kitchen window sill as they don’t like the cold.

  3. I dug a pond out last Saturday…it’s over half full already! It’s crazy that our little country has such varied weather.
    A quick question…are you just putting the manure straight in on the plastic? Or in bags first??? With my driving it’d be on my head at the end if the journey 🙂

    • The manure goes in plastic rubble bags then the full bag is put in the boot of the car. I pack them very tightly so there is no spillages on the journey to the allotment. Just make sure you don’t have to do an emergency stop, that could be messy.

  4. says:

    Just a some questions Claire – how thick do you lay the manure? Also, do you work it in or just place it on top?? I am hoping to lay mulched dry leaves newspapers and then manure. Unfortunately I have no access to horse manure – just composted sheep and cow manure 🙂
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    • I lay the manure about 2 inches thick. I just spread it on the top of the soil and then leave it there all winter. During that time the worms take most of it down, but if there’s anything left, when I dig the bed over, I turn the rest in. Cow manure is very good, I’ve never tried sheep, but as long is it’s well rotten then it should be fine. Have fun.

  5. Sharen says:

    Autumn came for Queens NY o sept 22, I’m glad you had rain

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