Sunday 2nd September 2012 – Had a bit of a tidy up.

Even though rain was forecast we only had a dribble, so that didn’t put a dampener on things. I spent 2 hours this morning on my plot digging up more purple potatoes, Mark still isn’t sure about these, he thinks they’re a bit odd but the kids love them. I also picked some more runner beans which seem to be coming to the end, some more baby and normal size sweetcorn, and a couple of onions for dinner. I also dug over another 2 beds, I’ve got to make it look half decent as we’ve got our site inspection this week. I did my best with the time I had, still looks a mess, but you can tell there are edible things growing amongst the weeds.

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  1. Northeast Old Newbie says:

    Hi Claire,
    My friends & I also spent the day digging up our first ever late spuds on the allotment. The potatoes at first looked magnificent, large, clean and white (Cara) but on closer inspection we noticed holes 2 – 3mm diameter in 70% of the crop. Our allotment neighbours were saying it was “eel-worm” and others were saying “small slugs”, but a lot of research on the web convinces me it is Wire-Worm. Ultimately we caught on in a spud.

    We have tried cutting into a few spuds to try to rescue parts of, but to no avail as the bore hole spreads in every direction and already shows signs of rot on the edges. So it looks like a lot of spuds are going into the bin and we will be putting spuds on the weekly shopping list after all.

    Do you have any ideas how to remove them from the ground to protect next years crop?

    • There are chemical ways to get rid of them, read the instructions carefully. Otherwise dig regularly to reveal any bugs and let the birds have a feast. Don’t sow the potatoes in the same place for a couple of years, and when you do plant them, lift as soon as they’re ready, don’t leave in the soil.

  2. I am just up the road from you in Sutton and still have loads of runners.Water and spray the flowers and I am sure they will continue for a while longer.

    • Oh wow, you are only a few miles away. The leaves are starting to loose their greenness, and they produced a load all at once, so I think they’ve done what they needed to this year. Our site is in a frost pocket, so we have to be careful as they nights get cooler.

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