Monday 27th August 2012 – Perfect way to spend the Bank Holiday Monday.

Even though the rain was forecast we haven’t had any so far and it’s nearly 5pm. Well, just a few spits and spots, but nothing to write home about. It all depended on the weather what we were going to do today, but as it was dry I went to the allotment this morning and managed to weed a load more, sorting out another bed and a half. I also dug up some potatoes, picked a few runner beans, and harvested some red onions. The red onions are very small, but not a total loss. They never seem to do well on the allotment, I don’t know why, I tried a different variety this year, and started them off in the greenhouse, they grew better than before, but still not brilliant. Then this afternoon after lunch we were “energetic family” and went to Box Hill and saw the Olympic rings, walked all the way down the hill, along and then back up again. It’s a long way, but a gentle stroll is all it takes. We then had an ice cream and sat by the view point and took in the scenery. We’ve just arrived home and in need of a cup of tea. A wonderful day with the family, the perfect way to spend the Bank Holiday.

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