Saturday 25th August 2012 – Picked loads of goodies today.

Well I managed to miss the showers today, more’s the miracle. We’ve not had any decent rain for over a week now, so the ground is very hard. I managed to clear another bed, the peas have finished so it was time to clear that bed. I harvested some white onions that were in the same bed as the peas, I’ll harvest the rest when I get to them. I also brought home some potatoes, baby and normal size sweetcorn, runner beans and some beetroot. The beetroot have been boiled and are cooling, and for dinner we had some of the potatoes, an onion and the normal sized sweetcorn, lovely with a bit of butter spread on them.

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8 Responses to Saturday 25th August 2012 – Picked loads of goodies today.

  1. Micheli says:

    Nothing like eating food grown by yourself eh? Good for you Claire! Are you pickling the beets? What kind of beets did you grow this year? The beets that best worked out for me were the Candy Stripe and the Detroit Dark Red.

    • Eating what you grow yourself is just the best. As for the beetroot, I don’t pickle, but cook, peel, then freeze. When you need them just take out what you need and let defrost at room temperature. As for the variety I can’t remember. I don’t have the packet anymore. It’s usually Detroit or Boltardy. I’ve grown the Burpees Golden before.

  2. It’s certainly a time of plenty. I’ve got 3 sacks of spuds in the garage, 100 onions and around the same number garlic drying. Beetroot, peas, a glut of courgettes, kohlrabi, kale, broad beans and carrots. Put my corn in late though so that’s going to be a while yet, assuming it makes it at all. Not bad for my first year of allotmenteering! You’re videos have been very useful BTW.

  3. That should have been ‘your videos’ not ‘you’re’ obviously

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